Is the billing cycle of your pain management centre stuck in a rut?

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Your pain management billing cycle will function faster than ever before

24/7 Workflow

24/7 workflow

Our pain management billing services will accelerate your reimbursement TAT

Anesthesia Coding Services Texas

Specialty-specific support

Our certified billers adhere to the guidelines & limitations of pain management billing

Vast experience

We handle the billing needs of major pain management centres across Texas

High impact pain management billing solutions

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Pain Management Procedures

We’ve been down this path before:

From billing for epidurals to more complex procedures like radiofrequency ablations we understand the unique billing requirements for all pain management procedures

Contract Negotiation Services

Contracts that make economic sense:

We evaluate the costs of your top procedures, your payer mix and patient population to negotiate better yielding contracts

Insurer Specific

Insurer Specific:

Trigger point injections are accepted in some cases and declined for some. Lucky, we understand these intricacies to help you achieve a 98% clean claims rate.

Achieve successful revenue and patient outcomes with our billing experts

Patient care or operational efficiency? You don’t have to choose between the two if you work with AnesthesiaBillingBridge. We take a huge load off your shoulders by offering medical billing, pain management coding, AR management and denial resolution services.

We transform your clinical and financial information into data that’ll improve your MIPS scores and offer a deep-dive into your financial information.

With our data analytics and RCM metrics tracking app, theBillingBridge, you can:

  • Monitor and measure vital KPIs to enable information-backed decisions
  • View at-a-glance reports that go beyond the basics
  • Communicate quickly and securely with your billers
  • Integrate our RCM app with your EHR effortlessly

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We bring deep experience and best practices to the table:

Flash-in-the-pan revenue increases don’t help in the wrong. We put all the fragmented pieces of your pain management billing process together to create and sustain a high performing revenue cycle.

Anesthesiology EMR Services

Regulatory compliance:

In-depth experience in federal, state and local regulatory regulations that affect billing functions

Simplify patient interactions

Simplify patient interactions:

Through our patient eligibility verification and scheduling services we simplify patient interactions

Improve Net Revenue

Improve net revenue:

Contain galloping operational costs, reduce bad debt, minimize days in AR, resolve denials and increase collections

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