OIG compliant Texas billing services for anesthesia practices

Are you scared of non-compliance? Put your fears to rest

The myriad challenges anesthesia practices grapple with is staggering. But if there is one issue that needs to be addressed strongly it is compliance with healthcare regulations. The numerous stakeholders of the healthcare continuum are raising the stakes. Insurers demand better documentation, patients demand more accountability and the industry demands better financial and clinical outcomes.

To meet the various demands and ensure compliance with the billing regulations set forth by Texas OIG, it is important that you join hands with a billing company that is as focused on eliminating fraudulent billing as you are. AnesthesiaBillingBridge’s vast experience across the spectrum of healthcare enables us to offer OIG compliant billing services in Texas.

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Don't put yourself into compliance risks. Focus on what matters the most

Detailed Medical Billing audit reports

Detailed reports
We audit, review and compile meticulous and actionable billing reports. Extensive documentation reduces audit risks

OIG Guidelines

Meets Texas OIG guidelines
Our medical billing is in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Texas Office of the Inspector General.

Medical billing companies to focus on

Focus on what matters
We focus the 17 risk areas that the Texas OIG advises medical billing companies to focus on.

advanced billing data analysis

Advanced data analytics
We apply advanced data analytics to help your practice identify new/emerging risks. Be ahead of the curve.

Gain an edge

Gain an edge
Remain in full compliance with regulatory norms and gain competitive advantage for your organization

Monitor medical billing cycle

Internal monitoring
We monitor and audit your billing cycle regularly to spot and correct outliers or billing deficiencies

Ensure compliance on all areas of your revenue cycle with our compliance audit

We’re the industry’s trusted compliance auditing team

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Hiring external auditors is most often expensive. Internal auditing is time consuming and more often than not, not objective. The solution? AnesthesiaBillingBridge. We offer OIG compliance auditing services for anesthesia practices at affordable prices. Know how we can help your practice become and remain compliant with Texas OIG guidelines.

Taking the initiative

Taking the initiative
We initiate and coordinate corrective and preventive action for areas of non-compliance. We also conduct periodic audits

Clear Insights

Clear Insights
From the initial baseline assessment to a data-based action plan we document every step of the compliance process.

Experienced OIG Compliance

Deep experience
We’ve audited hundreds of datasets over the years. Our Texas OIG compliance audits are accurate, effective and data-driven.

OIG compliance Training Programs

Training Programs
Our experienced Texas OIG compliance officers provide training and education on meeting guidelines for your practice’s staff.

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