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Let your anesthesiology practice get up to speed on MACRA

Will MACRA help or harm your organization? Our experts will help you find out. Don’t let the latest healthcare regulation throw your medical practice’s workflow out of gear. Get in front of MACRA and leverage on the reimbursement opportunities it offers with our expert team.

Our MACRA support team offer answers to your most pressing questions. Because every decision you take right now will have far reaching financial implications for your providers and anesthesiology practice. So stay compliant and protect your revenue streams during this risky phase.

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Specialty-Specific Billing Services

Cookie cutter solutions don't work. Improve revenue with anesthesia billers who understand your specialty.

6 ways we help you navigate the MACRA landscape

Anesthesiology Specific Guidance

Analytics driven insights
We offer customized, anesthesiology specific, analytic based guidance

Physician Strategy Assessment

Complete assessment
We conduct assessments of practice readiness and physician strategy assessment

24 hours helpline

Take the conversation forward
Take the tactical next steps with our expert guidance. We offer 24/7 helpline.

Extensive Training

Extensive training
We train the eligible professionals(EPs) for successful reporting of measures

MIPS Education

MIPS education
A separate team is dedicated to offer MIPS education for your anesthesia practice

Get Support & Guidance

With you. All through.
Get support, guidance and anytime help throughout the program’s lifecycle.

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ClinicBridge – Take the best path forward

MIPS Quality Measures Requirements

Busy anesthesiologists hardly find time to go through the 2398 pages of MACRA’s final rules. How about a smart application that will help you tackle MACRA challenges better? Yes. ClinicBridge does just that for you. And a whole lot more. Enhance future profitability and compliance with our customizable, feature-packed app.

Benchmark Data

Data at a glance
Don’t pore over boring numbers and Excel sheets. ClinicBridge offers a clinical documentation scoreboard that will help you benchmark data

Improve Clinical Documentation

Improve compliance
Meet CMS’s medical records documentation requirements and improve clinical documentation with our user-friendly application

Anesthesiology Specific Activity Guide

Anesthesiology specific
Get an anesthesiology specific MIPS measures and activities guide. It will help you have a well-thought out and strategic approach to MACRA

MIPS Quality Performance Scores

Performance assessment
Know where your anesthesia practice stands in the MACRA environment with automated MIPS quality performance scores.

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