The ultimate kit of 8 KPI tracking templates for anesthesia practices

by Steve Watson December. 22, 2017 Comments

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No time to run revenue cycle reports? No problem. We understand that anesthesiologists are busy rushing between surgery centers, hospitals and pain management clinics. And in all that hurry important operational and financial data, that has to be tracked and managed, gets overlooked.

Though you understand the importance of monitoring essential key performance indicators such as your claims TAT KPIs, you hardly have the time or energy to sift through a bottomless pile of data. Because analysing reports can be stressful.

That’s why we’ve created these 8 detail-oriented anesthesia specific KPI tracking templates to save you time and feel more positive while compiling the data that matters. These smart and quick-download templates will help you to measure vital KPIs and make monitoring them a whole lot easier.

You don’t need to fill up tedious forms to download them. You don’t need to know Photoshop to edit them. All you need is less than 3 minutes to download these 8 amazing, anesthesia specific, KPI tracking templates that can transform the way you practice.

8 anesthesia specific templates that improve operational efficiency

1. Top Paying Insurer Template

As an anesthesiologist you work with a diverse payer mix. It can be difficult to know who your top paying payers are. But it is extremely important to track this data because it’ll help you negotiate better prices with insurers. This report allows you drilldown into the charges, collections and payments of a particular insurance carrier.

How it helps:-

  • It helps you gain stronger contracts
  • Compare the collection details of your major payers
  • Help you drop or renegotiate your contract with insurers who pay you a significantly low amount

2. Physician Productivity Tracking Template

The productivity of your physicians is the backbone of your practice’s financial success. Are you relying on sketchy data or a single measure that only tells you part of the story? This detailed template will help you develop fair, data-driven, productivity based compensation and performance models.

How it helps:-

  • Develop and implement compensation models based on productivity metrics
  • It provides a set of metrics that are easily measurable
  • Create a productivity model that is grounded in facts

3. Claims Turnaround Time Template

Quick question: what is your claims TAT? Stop guessing. This claims TAT template will help you track your reimbursement cycle, know the average number of days to payment and know the claims TAT of your insurers.

How it helps:-

  • Correct claims cycle inefficiencies
  • Weed out inefficient process to reduce cycle times

4. Appointment Scheduling Template

It is only natural that in a consumer driven healthcare marketplace the slant is on bettering patient access functions. And it starts with the appointment scheduling process. Free up staff, meet more patients and tackle no-shows more effectively. This easily downloadable appointment scheduling template is just what you need to fix appointment schedules

Why it is important:-

  • Helps you spot and resolve no-show issues
  • Enables you to keep track of appointment counts

5. Denial Management Template

Once upon a time there was an anesthesia practice that didn’t manage denials proactively. Needless to say this story doesn’t have a happy ending. It is mission critical that you monitor denial metrics, analyse denial patterns and categorize denials.

Why it is important:-

  • Identify the controllables
  • It helps you know the denial percentage of insurers
  • Bubbles up key denial management issues and process gaps

6. Collections Breakdown Report

Get the inside details of your practice’s revenue flow. Know the amount of revenue generated through new visits, established visits, revenue received through scans, reports and other pertinent collection data. You can also track AR information and operational expenses. Phew! That’s a lot of useful information at a single glance.

Why it is important:-

  • Categorize AR effortlessly
  • Analyse collection details
  • Identify and strengthen areas for improvement

7. Time of Service Collection Report

Patient payment responsibilities are steadily rising. Time of service collections play a crucial role in determining how healthy your bottomline is. This template will help you keep tabs on monthly time of service collections, track the number of workdays and TOS collections of every month and run monthly comparison reports.

Why this matters to you…

  • Helps you streamline front-desk collections
  • Identify and correct collection issues
  • Maximize payments

8. RAC Contractors Template

Do you end up in a blind alley every time you try to check whether your practice is in compliance with RAC regulations? Let’s face it, compliance requirements keep changing and are sometimes difficult to comprehend. This RAC contractors template lists out contact information of the RAC contractor in your State.

Why this matters to you…

  • Ask for guidance from the right people!
  • Ensure compliance and save your practice from penalties
Steve Watson

CPC, CRC, AAPC, ICD-10-CM Certified

Steve’s experience includes over 24 years in the healthcare field. He currently serves as Regional Director of Quality Assurance, Client Services, RCM for Anesthesia and Risk Adjustment for AnesthesiaBillingBridge 24/7. Steve is an expert with Practice start-up and Practice Management, with an extensive background in Anesthesia and Pain Management.

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Know your mistakes

Make informed decisions by spotting revenue leaks

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