Automate and quicken the efficiency of your charge capture process.

Hospital Charge Capture made easy

Anesthesiology practices lose $270k in lost charges thanks to the huge paper trail anesthesiologists are forced to cope with. Now finally a charge capture software that can keep pace with your hectic schedule. Charge Capture is the only anesthesia charge capture solution you’ll ever need to manage and organize your anesthesia charge submissions.

AneshtesiaBillingBridge ChargeCapture

Dynamic charge tickets

ChargeCapture offers charge tickets that are smart and dynamic. You’ll no longer have to worry about missed information on your tickets. Missing information is automatically bubbled up.

you are in control

You’re in control

You’re not a backseat driver with ChargeCapture. Review charges, make edits, update information and do all this in simple clicks.

Simple & Effective

Simple. Effective.

Scan patient labels and upload patient data.You can also add any number of anesthesiologists or CRNAs and speed up the communication process.

Just 5 Mins!

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Your entire charge capture process under a single glass pane

Integration Capabilities

Integration capabilities
Easily integrate with your current EMR/EHR/PMS

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliant
ChargeCapture is in compliance with HIPAA

Track Distribution Metrics

Manage ChargeCapture data
Track utilization and case distribution metrics

Quick Payment

Quicken payment TAT
It quickens your payment TAT & reduces delays

Productivity Reports

Productivity reports
All charge tickets are compiled into productivity reports

Physician Quality Reporting System

PQRS data
Submit PQRS data in simple clicks

Start a Conversation

Call a member of the AnesthesiaBillingBridge team now: 888-571-9069 or click to request a demo

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