Take the leap forward to better denial management

The smartest way to handle denials and revenue backlogs

You don’t want to work for free. Not after rushing from one hospital to the next providing the best care you can to patients. Not after driving through peak hour traffic to be in time for your patient’s surgery. But unfortunately if you don’t work with an anesthesiology denial management expert most of the services you provide will go unpaid.

We get the anesthesiology denial management process. All the nuts and bolts. That is why we’ve put together a denial management solution that combines expertise and technology. And gives you the best of both worlds.

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Specialty-Specific Billing Services

Cookie cutter solutions don't work. Improve revenue with anesthesia billers who understand your specialty.

Everything you need for a healthier denial rate

Medical Billing Denials

Thorough analysis
Each denial is analysed extensively to determine the best course of action

Denial Coding Teams

Specialized teams
Specialized variance teams who have through knowledge of denial codes

Increase Success Rates

High appeal success rate
We follow payer specific appeal submission guidelines. 94% appeal success rate

Denial Auditing Experts

Denial auditing experts
Our denial auditing team monitor denials and detect denial patterns and frequency

Certified Denial Management Team

Certified team
Our denial management team is certified by HIPAA and FDCPA

Best way to Handle denials

The best way to handle denials
The best way to handle denials is to prevent them. Prevent future denials.

Sustain revenue and reduce denials with our smart app

Focus on what matters

Anesthesia Denial Management Metrics whitepaper

Maintain control of your financial performance with our denial management team. Reduce the cost to handle denials and recover lost revenue with a team that is result-driven and understands your specialty. With us by your side you can finally focus on what matters – patient care.

Anesthesia Denial Management Services

From the first appeal…
Right from the first appeal to the final resolution of your denial, we offer end to end anesthesia denial management services

Recover Revenue Lost

Fight underpayments
We recover revenue lost due to underpayments. We contact payers to resolve payment variances due to contractual or documentation misinterpretation

Analyse payer adjustment codes

Minimize write offs
We analyse payer adjustment codes from the remittance advice, including case management and utilization review

Denial Management Software

Denial Manager
Our proprietary denial management software offers an intelligent, practice-specific and automated denial management workflow

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