Exceptional services to meet your contract management needs. And the technology to exceed them

We negotiate stronger and better performing anesthesia contracts

Complicated payment mechanisms and the varied clinical needs of the facilities anesthesiologists work with make negotiating contracts a tough job. But the payer contracting process is a vital business dynamic that cannot be ignored.

Benchmark payer contracts against the metrics compiled by MGMA and ASA. Maximize revenue capture. And see the change you always wanted to see with our contract management experts.

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Specialty-Specific Billing Services

Cookie cutter solutions don't work. Improve revenue with anesthesia billers who understand your specialty.

6 ways we help you build stronger contracts

Negotiate Payer Contracts

Conversion of fee schedule rates
We convert fee schedule rates into ASA relative value unit rates to effectively negotiate payer contracts

Reimbursement Patterns

We do a lot of homework
We compare multiple payer contracts to understand reimbursement patterns and negotiate the most favourable arrangements

surgical anesthesia component

Focus on every component
We focus on the major components of contracts such as surgical anesthesia, chronic pain management, obstetrical anesthesia, and non-anesthesia procedures

Contract Negotiation Services

The eternal wait is over
We follow a round the clock process. Shorten and accelerate your contract negotiation and approval cycle.

Payer Contracts

Constant monitoring
We regularly audit the performance of your payer contracts to increase profitability, compliance and revenue capture

Revenue cycle fluctuations

Rolling with the punches
Handle the challenges of the value based payment model with smart contracts that will minimize revenue cycle fluctuations

Do you know who your top paying insurers are? Download AnesthesiaBillingPro

We breathe life into your anesthesia payer contracts

Contract Negotiation Services texas

Our anesthesia payer contract negotiation services breathe life into wilting contracts that don’t help you get appropriately reimbursed. We increase the unit values of reimbursement to make a significant difference to your net revenue. Get the best people and technology to revamp your payer contracts. Our contract management experts help you identify incremental reimbursement opportunities.

anesthesia contract management experts

Smart capitation contracts
Capitation contracts are tricky. Negotiate capitation contracts that improve yield with our super-efficient anesthesia contract management experts

Value based payment model

Thrive in the value based environment
With our super-efficient contract management tools and team, let your anesthesiology practice thrive in the value based payment landscape.

Contract Management tool

Know your top-paying payers
Managing contracts is that much easier when you know who your best performing payers are. Our contract management tool does exactly that and a lot more.

Contract Management services

Goodbye, variances
Is there are vast difference between your contracts and payments? Our contract auditors ensure payments are in alignment with contractual agreements.

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