The most powerful anesthesiology coding solution – In your pocket

Fast-track your medical coding performance

CodePro is the essential medical coding and auditing tool for anesthesiology practices of all sizes.

From chart abstraction to code edits there are a lot of pieces in the coding puzzle. Watch them all fall in place beautifully with CodePro. It puts our anesthesiology coders, code editors and managers all in a single space. This drives up cross departmental workflow efficiency, streamlines disparate processes and eliminates redundant work. Put an end to missed revenue opportunities and frustration. Check out how this helps quicken your coding process.

Let accuracy and compliance no longer be your daily challenges. Our anesthesiology coding team ensure you are always on top of the coding game. Reduce DNFB accounts and drive back home every day in peace knowing that your most critical coding issues are being resolved efficiently.

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Specialty-Specific Billing Services

Cookie cutter solutions don't work. Improve revenue with anesthesia billers who understand your specialty.

We put your coding process front and centre

integration capabilities

Integration capabilities
CodePro can be easily integrated with your existing systems

Certified Anesthesia Coders

Certified coders
CANPC certified, anesthesia coding experts

MAC Coding Experts Team

MAC coding expertise
Eliminate MAC denials with AnesthesiaBillingBridge’s specialized coding team.

Institutional Coding Experts

Professional and institutional coding
Our medical coders have both professional and institutional coding expertise.

Multi Level coding process

Multi-level checks
Every medical code goes through multiple quality checks and edits

Nothing Trips us

Nothing trips us
Not even assigning codes for medically directed anesthesiology services.

Experienced code auditors

Our coding auditors offer inline quality checks and edits and have extensive code auditing experience. Audits ensure coders correctly apply new guidelines as they’re published and are being applied correctly. Auditors review suspended cases and provide valuable feedback to the CDI director or other appropriate manager. Incorrect coding leads to increased risk—experienced as lost revenue from denials or missed opportunities due to under-coding. In addition, risks arise when increased reimbursement is not supported by provider documentation due to an erroneous code assignment.

Organizations reduce risk through strong, consistent coding compliance programs fueled by coding audits. Early identification of coding and documentation problems can resolve issues sooner rather than later to expedite improvement for all coding and revenue cycle stakeholders.

Your path towards a compliant coding cycle begins here

Amazing anesthesiology coders and tools

Anesthesia RCM best practices whitepaper

Advanced anesthesiology coding solutions that will help you face today’s and tomorrow’s coding challenges. We offer our medical coders the best tools and training to help you achieve maximum coding productivity. Our streamlined coding workflow technology, certified coders and audit services are sure to transform the way you code.

30 Charts on hour

Move beyond 30 charts an hour
Work with anesthesia coding specialists who abstract information from pre-anesthesia, post-anesthesia, PACU records and operative reports to assign errorless codes.

Anesthesiology coders experts

Subject matter experts
Our anesthesiology coders have complete understanding of human anatomy, physiology and anesthesia related medical terminologies.

Accurate coding of time units

Accurate coding of time units
Stop losing revenue due to incorrect time units. We code to the highest level of specificity and identify incremental revenue opportunities.

Experienced Medical Code Auditors

Experienced code auditors
Our code auditors offer inline quality checks and edits and have extensive code auditing experience

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