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Intelligent anesthesiology claim management services

Claim management is a critical component in the revenue cycle of a medical practice. But are you doing it right? Most anesthesiology practices don’t. Amidst hectic schedules and commutes an efficient claim management process is quickly pushed to the bottom of your priority list. Most claim rejections, compliance issues and revenue cycle lags can be tied back to one factor- an inefficient claims management process.

From insurance eligibility to following up on outstanding AR ensure your anesthesiology practice can thrive in any reimbursement environment with our technology enabled claim management services.

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Specialty-Specific Billing Services

Cookie cutter solutions don't work. Improve revenue with anesthesia billers who understand your specialty.

The better way to manage claims is here

Claims Management Experts

98% first pass claim acceptance rate
Our claim management experts and 20000+ claim edits increase payer claim acceptance rate

24/7 Revenue Cycle Services

On the right foot
Start out on the right foot by minimising upstream errors. We offer 24/7 front end revenue cycle services

Increase Net Revenue

Increase net revenue
Increase net revenue and recoup lost charges combing the power of our expert workforce and technology

Better Patient Billing Experience

Better patient billing
The last step of your patient experience is settling bills. We make the experience better for you and your patients.

KPI Tracking tool

You’re in the loop
Our consistent performance reports and KPI tracking tools improve communication and minimize documentation errors

Anesthesiology claim management experts

Stay in compliance
Improve compliance and get an answer to your biggest regulatory questions with our anesthesiology claim management experts

Are you stuck with an underperforming claims cycle? Take our audit to find out

We manage the lifecycle of your claim

Anesthesia RCM best practices whitepaper

The claims management process doesn’t begin when claims go out the door. And definitely doesn’t end when you start posting payments. There are non-linear, convoluted, and myriad parts that keep the claims engine chugging along. We micro manage every step of your claim’s lifecycle to help you practice better and earn more.

Anesthesia Claims Management Experts

7 expert teams
Our 7 specialist teams go the extra mile and beyond to ensure a proactive, super-efficient and result oriented claims management process

Reduces Claim Errors

Flipping the cycle
We don’t wait for claim rejections to correct mistakes. Our proactive approach to claims management reduces claim errors

Billing Claims Cycle audits

Checks and balances
Regular claims cycle audits eliminate compliance issues, incorrect reimbursement and erroneous claims.

Practice Specific claims management tool

Arm yourself
Robust, user-friendly and practice-specific claims management tools quicken the pace of your claims journey

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