Anesthesia billing services that will improve your top line revenue

Take your anesthesia billing cycle to the next level

Wait. Before, you walk in for your next appointment with the pain management centre down the road. Answer this simple question. Are you sure you’ll get paid? We heard you saying “no”. With AnesthesiaBillingBridge you can be sure. We understand your biggest challenges because we’ve worked with several anesthesia care providers across Texas.

Increase revenue capture, evaluate opportunities driven by value based care and receive appropriate reimbursement for anesthesia services with our anesthesia billing experts. We’re not a big box billing company that delivers straight out of a soup can billing solutions that disrupt your workflow and make very little difference to your bottomline. We are proactive and offer anesthesia specific billing services.

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Specialty-Specific Billing Services

Cookie cutter solutions don't work. Improve revenue with anesthesia billers who understand your specialty.

Work better. Work differently.

Texas Specific services

State specific
We understand Texas billing regulations like no other

Free Medical Billing App

Free billing app
Get meaningful, insightful revenue cycle metrics

Certified Medical Billers

Certified billers
Our anesthesiology billers are CMRS certified

Smarter Contracts

Smarter contracts
We evaluate and negotiate managed care agreements

Advanced Revenue Cycle Reports

Reporting capabilities
Advanced revenue cycle analysis reports

24/7 WorkFlow

24/7 workflow
We work 24 hours so claims are out the door faster

Say “yes” to more revenue with a team that never says “no”

There’s something about neighbourhood places that make you feel at home. That is the same way our clients feel when they walk into our Texas office. Drive up top line revenue, work lesser hours a day and improve compliance by working with an anesthesia billing company that understands Texas billing regulations. And, yes, you can schedule a meeting with our anesthesia billing team anytime you need support.

We hire CMRS certified billers and consultants to maximize your revenue. Whether it is billing time units accurately or abstracting information from numerous records we are good at what we do because we’ve been in the anesthesia billing space for 20+ years. We specialize in working with EHR/EMR systems that are anesthesiology specific. So there’s no need to explain how your systems work. Sounds good?

“I was looking for a billing company that I needn’t constantly communicate with as I run a pretty busy anesthesia practice in Austin. AnesthesiaBillingBridge take care of my billing cycle and have helped us increase revenue. I don’t have to teach, explain or monitor, which works perfect for me”

So, how do we increase the revenue of anesthesia practices?

A better billing experience for your patients. And you.

Anesthesia RCM best practices whitepaper

Achieve better business performance and grow your anesthesiology medical practice with our innovative and technology enabled billing services. We also offer outcomes driven patient billing services.

Patient Billing service

Patient billing
Stay financially stable in the consumer-driven healthcare marketplace of today with our patient billing services.

Revenue Management Services

Revenue management
Eliminate denials, underpayments and lost claims. Effective denial and appeals management services.

Revenue billing recycle

Lay the foundation
A finely tuned billing cycle can act as a springboard for innovative revenue management. Let’s reshape your billing cycle.

Not a faceless voice

Not a faceless voice
Are you worried about entrusting your billing process to a stranger? We’re not miles away from you. Schedule a meeting with our billing expert today.

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Call a member of the AnesthesiaBillingBridge team now: 888-571-9069 or click to request a demo

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