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Quicken your credentialing cycle and reduce uncompensated care with our anesthesia credentialing services. Dealing with payer red tape, tedious phone wait times and endless paperwork is a huge distraction. And that distraction makes it difficult for you to focus on patient care, expand your practice without worrying about the additional administrative work that comes with it and get back home on time

We offer you payer-specific credentialing services that will help your anesthesiology practice to thrive and remain successful in the current healthcare climate. Explore newer avenues and grow your practice without worrying about credentialing headaches. We’ve got your back on this.

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Specialty-Specific Billing Services

Cookie cutter solutions don't work. Improve revenue with anesthesia billers who understand your specialty.

6 ways we help cut short the lengthy credentialing process

Anesthesiology Credentialing Guidelines

Payer specific
We work according to the credentialing guidelines of every major insurer

Good Rapport

Good rapport
Provider enrolment executives of payers share an awesome rapport with our team

Re-Credentialing Services for physicians

Re-credentialing services
We offer re-credentialing services for physicians and provide CAQH maintenance

Get Credentialed Faster

Get credentialed faster
Get credentialed with all federal, commercial and workers’ compensation payers

Certified credentialing Specialist

Certified specialists
Work with CPCS certified credentialing experts who work in 3 shifts

24/7 Workflow Process

No downtimes
Our 24/7 workflow and multiple resources reduce downtimes and process lags

Move over poorly performing contracts. Increase yield with smarter contracts

Power up your credentialing process. Now.

Anesthesia RCM best practices whitepaper

We simplify the credentialing process for you so you worry about patients and not providers who aren’t credentialed. We also offer EDI support and clearinghouse enrolment services for your anesthesiology practice. Go drive to that hospital down the road knowing that your credentialing tasks are being handled with clockwork precision.

Efficient Credentialing Team

More services. Less pressure.
Insurance companies are covering a broader range of services now. So it is especially important you have an efficient credentialing team on board.

Medicare Enrolment

Medicare enrolment
We provide super-quick Medicare individual enrolment and group enrolment services for your anesthesiology practice.

Reduce Complexity

Reduce complexity
Insurance companies are closing provider panels. This raises the barrier to get credentialed. Ignore such tripwires with our credentialing experts.

24/7 anesthesiology credentialing services

24/7 services
Our 24/7 anesthesiology credentialing services helps you get enrolled with insurance companies faster. Save 16 hours every single day.

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