Anesthesia EMR that is custom-built to meet every anesthesiologist’s needs!

Feature packed and easy to use

AnesthesiaBillingBridge EMR is everything you’d look for in an electronic medical record. It structures and simplifies the documentation process through interface integration with various systems. Anesthesia providers can now access patient registration data, appointment schedules, and lab results from a single system so managing data is now pain free.

Guidance for anesthesia providers

Better workdays

Our EMR provides realtime clinical decision support. It provides useful alerts and guides for anesthesia providers. Best practice compliance reminders ensure your practice avoids penalties.

Medical Billing Information

Easy documentation

Now you no longer have to fill in various forms and fields. Postoperative documentation has never been so easy. E-sign your records and automatically transmit billing information to your team.

Medical Billing Services

Quicker billing

Information reaches your biller quickly so claims go out the door faster. Increase the efficiency and speed of your medical billing processes with AnesthesiaBillingBridge EMR.

Just 5 Mins!

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The EMR that is built from the ground up for you!

Integration simplified

Integration simplified
Effortlessly integrate a wide range of systems with our EMR

Highly Secure

Highly secure
AnesthesiaBillingBridge follows best of class informational security protocols

Anesthesia Coding Module

Coding Module
Improve the specificity and accuracy of your codes with our coding module

Improve MACRA Score

Improve quality scores
Advanced data capture capabilities will improve your MACRA scores

Safe Repository

Safe repository
It serves as a centralized repository for vital clinical and financial information

User Friendly

Save time
AnesthesiaBillingBridge EMR is intuitive, easily navigable and user friendly

Start a Conversation

Call a member of the AnesthesiaBillingBridge team now: 888-571-9069 or click to request a demo

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