Medical coding audit that covers a lot of ground

Monthly coding audits that make a difference to your bottomline

Monthly collections. Monthly RCM reviews. Monthly AR balance check. So many reviews need to be conducted every month. But have you ever thought of auditing your codes once in a month? Twice in a year? No, say healthcare provider organizations.

Houston Pain Management billing, TX, and a few more anesthesia practices in Texas are happy with our monthly coding audits to ensure reliability and compliance with new coding regulations. Whether you are a busy practitioner in Texas or a 10 doctor group practice we offer insightful monthly coding audits for you.

Yes, these coding audits yield better results to healthcare provider organizations

There are hospitals in town conducting external coding audits at mind-blowing costs. But we at AnesthesiaBillingBridge don’t charge anything for conducting coding audits for anesthesia practices. The more we audit, the more medical coding issues we address and resolve.

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What is the benefit of conducting these audits? Is this question stopping you from auditing codes? Here goes what you will get

Avoid Delay

1. Avoid delay in compliance programs

Conducting monthly coding audits helps healthcare organizations avoid breaks and delay in compliance programs. “Many providers tried conducting monthly coding audits, using our internal staff, but vacations, sick time and volume spikes always sidetracked their plans,” says Christel Chuderewicz, RHIT, CCS, CCDS, director of HIM/Coding & Auditing at Butler Memorial Hospital. Utilizing your RCM vendor’s expertise guarantees organizations maintain a reliable compliance program despite in-house fluctuations or inconsistent priorities.

2. Coder Development

Unlike other services physicians cannot put their auditing on hold. That will lead to less reimbursement. When coders are forced to don multiple hats they may lose the opportunity of gleaning knowledge. Our AAPC certified coders audit codes and share their feedback with to create learning opportunities for rest of the team.

There was a case when one of our clients began performing on new procedures in late 2016. Our coding audit has assisted them to avoid several coding errors and bill for code 0020 appropriately.

Coder Development

Compliance Audits

3. Compliance

Our experts follow the updates of New American Hospital Association (AHA) Coding Clinic which releases code updates once in every quarter. This ensures our coding teams correctly apply new guidelines as they come out and ensure they are being applied correctly.

With increased scrutiny over the medical coding and documentation processes of medical practices it is imperative to stay on top of evolving compliance demands. Our compliance audits help your anesthesia practice reduce compliance risks and penalties.

4. Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

No matter how big your healthcare organization is if you are lacking weekend CDI coverage you could be in neck-deep trouble. Our medical coding auditors can identify the grey areas and submit reports to your CDI director or manager. Even though the audits are performed on a monthly basis, it provides a small preview into areas of clinical documentation improvement..

Our thorough audit reports will light the way for better clinical documentation processes. It will lead to a healthier revenue cycle and patients.

Clinical Documentation Improvements

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