Faster revenue growth fuelled by smart RCM technology

For anesthesiologists who work in ASCs

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From patient visit to payment and everything in-between

Anesthesia ChargeCapture App

Charge Capture

Capture charges from across ASCs with our ChargeCapture app

Anesthesia Reimbursement

Appropriate Reimbursement

As you rush from one ASC to another there’s one less thing to worry about- revenue

CRNA Billing Services

CRNA Billing

Specialized CRNA billing support. We pretty much have your whole team covered!

Best practices married to tailored solutions…

anesthesia coding documentation case study

Consolidate Financial data

Consolidate financial data

Splintered revenue data is unmanageable. Through implementing the best of processes and tools we put all your data in one place

Focus on Patient

Focus on patients not payers

Most payers refuse to pay professional fees for GI procedures. Private payers offer reimbursement based on qualifying circumstances. We work according to the various payment mechanisms of payers.

Surgical Specialties

For all surgical specialties

You work with different specialties such as orthopedics, podiatry, vascular, otolaryngology, general surgery and more. So do we.

More flex, better results and peace of mind

Are you being underpaid despite rushing from one appointment to the next? Is the complicated “in-network”, “out-of-network” game leaving you exhausted? Focus on patient care while we focus on getting you appropriately reimbursed for it.
From credentialing anesthesia providers to denial prevention we’ve got your back on this. We offer 24/7, unparalleled medical billing and revenue cycle support through all stages of your claims cycle. Our services are highly scalable so you get more flex during peak hour workdays

  •    Contract with surgical centers
  •    Streamline your appointment schedules
  •    Offer theBillingBridge an RCM analytics app that tracks and consolidates revenue data
  •    Help anesthesiologists/anesthesia groups credential with payers

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Spend less time on billing activities

Now spend less time and energy on capturing charges, medical billing, and fighting denials. Our experienced and certified anesthesia revenue cycle experts speed up the time it takes for your payments to reach you.

Account Receivable management Services Texas

AR Management

Manage AR efficiently and reduce aging accounts receivables

Anesthesia Denial Management Services Texas

Denial Management

Zero down on denials, identify outliers and eliminate preventable denials

Anesthesia Coding Services

Medical Coding

Our CANPC certified anesthesia coders improve throughput and compliance

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