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Anesthesiology specific EMR and practice management system to transform your workflow. User friendly and customizable.

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End to end revenue cycle management services that help you maximize revenue capture and streamline operations

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RCM Tools

Innovative and user friendly tools that can help you tackle every reimbursement challenge thrown at you

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You don’t stay in a single place. Neither does your data.

  • Organizes and consolidates charge submissions
  • Send audio notes or text messages to your billers
  • Submit PQRS data effortlessly
  • Coordinate with your billing office to reduce AR days
  • HIPAA compliant communication options

Hospital Charge Capture Application

The first step towards better AR management for anesthesiology practices

AR Recovery App for anesthesiology in Texas

  • Automated receivables management workflow
  • AR reports that offer multi-level drilldowns
  • Prioritizes and organizes AR
  • Helps eliminate AR cycle inefficiencies
  • Manage AR in simple clicks

Move beyond the obvious. Track anesthesiology practice specific KPIs

  • Track revenue cycle metrics in realtime
  • Centralize financial operations
  • Easily integrate with existing systems
  • Create, manage and track revenue cycle tasks
  • Compliant with industry standards for data security

Track anesthesia practice in Texas using BillingBridge App

Keep your anesthesiology practice’s bottomline in good health

Medical Billing

Increase net collections, identify incremental reimbursement opportunities and accelerate your billing cycle.

Medical Coding

CANPC certified anesthesiology coding experts. 24/7 professional and facility coding services. Inline QA checks.

Contract Management

Build stronger contracts, improve payment negotiations, identify payment variances and enhance margin

Revenue Cycle Management

Achieve high revenue performance, drive up yield improvement and transition to value based care.

Secure, simple, efficient and customizable tools

Amazing revenue cycle tools that could’ve been built by you…

Our anesthesia specific RCM tools are built with one person in mind-you. Rev up your revenue cycle benefits with our full-featured revenue cycle tools for anesthesiologist & certified nurse anesthetists


Recapture lost revenue, increase denial overturn rates and consolidate denial intelligence

AR Analyzer

Reduce AR days and recover lost revenue


Manage your claim cycle more efficiently


Increase coding throughput and compliance


Track revenue cycle KPIs and monitor your RCM processes in a few taps


“I was facing an inordinate number of MAC denials. ABB stepped in and helped lower my denial rate. My collections have finally started looking up. They’re very easy to communicate with. I’d gladly recommend their RCM services”

“We’ve seen tremendous increase in our revenue after working with them. Their anesthesia practice management system is the best in the market. I’m working lesser hours after switching to their EMR. It is very easy to use and intuitive”


Jason is an anesthesiologist practicing in the rather isolated Green Mountains area of Vermont. Find out how we helped jason improve revenue with anesthesiaBillingBridge proven RCM solutions.

anesthesia documentation case study


There’s a big difference between working with CANPC certified anesthesiology medical coders and billers and the rest.
That difference shows in your bottomline.

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Make informed decisions by spotting revenue leaks

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